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General Manager

Wildcat Creek Golf Course
Job Description
December 21, 2018 

Hello Fellow Businessperson, 

I wish you a Happy and prosperous 2019. 

I am Art Stonebraker, the President of Wildcat Creek Golf Course, and I wanted to talk to you about the business of being a businessperson.
Wildcat is a small business and like most small businesses the owner is the do it all person. At some point, you have to hire some skilled help and it is very difficult to find that right person(s} who have the passion and ability to run your business like you want and to grow it.
The golf industry is one that has a serious problem that supply exceeds demand and only the smartest and best operators will succeed. While I'm not crying wolf-there are many businesses that face very tough competition and face the same hiring difficulties and I know that.
The question is -WHAT DO YOU DO ABOUT IT? All choices are tough and difficult. One choice is to close the business. Another is to sell your business. Another is to have a family member take over the business. Another is to grow a person who has potential. None are easy choices for most of us. Nevertheless, something has to happen. 

I am looking for a person who has some management experience. This person must have the desire and ability to lead (manage}; the ability to make intelligent decisions, and have marketing skills, and a passion to succeed. All of these attributes are necessary if the person is to be successful. In our business, some knowledge of golf is also necessary because we are in the entertainment and hospitality business. 

I am asking if you know of any person qualified and interested in the right opportunity to 
advance themselves. 
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