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Physical Therapist - Peds

Bona Vista Programs, Inc.
Job Description
To apply:


Provide physical therapy evaluation and treatment to preschoolers, outpatients, and First Steps services in approved counties, as well as prepare and maintain records and reports pertaining to patient evaluation and plan of treatments. Conduct physical therapy evaluations and continued therapy services in a timely manner for individuals referred for physical therapy by physician. Participate in diagnostic evaluations and staffings as indicated regarding placement in program and recommend therapy based on evaluation. Conduct re-evaluation of therapy goals on regular basis as recommended. Analyze evaluation results, problem solve, and make decisions and recommendations regarding appropriate treatment. Schedule individual and group therapy sessions according to individual needs and prepare individualized educational plans for patients receiving physical therapy. Provide guidance to Physical Therapy Assistant(s) and give input to coordinator for annual performance evaluation. After one year of therapist experience, supervise physical therapy students and coordinate and supervise physical therapy volunteers as assigned. Maintain records on students and volunteers in physical therapy services. Prepare monthly physician's plan of treatments and maintain regular progress reports on individuals receiving physical therapy. Assist with IEP and IFSP development. Must have full physical dexterity and agility or be able to independently position self and perform all movements required for effective treatment of each individual. Physical activities may include but not limited to: frequent bending, kneeling, reaching, and squatting. Depending on person served, must be able to carry, lift, push or pull 25-50 pounds routinely with occasional lifting of up to 100 pounds utilizing appropriate body mechanic techniques and/or equipment provided.


Minimum of a Bachelor's degree in physical therapy required. Must be a currently licensed physical therapist in the State of Indiana. Must possess or be capable of obtaining CPR and first aid certification annually and perform as necessary. Must possess excellent communication skills both written and oral. Must possess a customer service personality and have the ability to establish and maintain rapport with staff and patients.    

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