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House Manager - Supported Living

Bona Vista Programs, Inc.
Job Description

Position Responsibilities
A House Manager Caregiver for the Developmentally Disabled is a key figure in leading the team of Supported Living Caregivers to provide ongoing needed and wanted support to the people utilizing Medicaid Waiver Services. Supervise direct care staff and coordinate day-to-day activities and maintenance of the assigned home. The House Manager CDD's goal is to facilitate the person served in reaching his or her maximum potential. A Supported Living House Manager will assist the Staff Supervisor, and QIDP by leading Supported Living CDDs in a positive, dignified, and objective manner to provide a strong team approach. Maintain communication flow within the agency and Supported Living Services division. Provide support to a designated person. Document the major activities of the person served in daily notes. Maintain accurate records of support provided to the person served. Oversee file maintenance and record keeping in the home. Plan and provide instruction in communication skills, daily living skills, socialization skills, fine and gross motor skills, perceptual skills, and any other areas based on programming needs. Prepare reports detailing goal progress and person served participations for persons served and route to the QIDP on a monthly basis. Monitor and ensure that all monthly safety drills are complete and turned into the Supported Living Clerical Assistant. Ensure complete documentation of behavior, seizures, accidents/incidents, progress on objectives is done on a daily basis. Responsibly pass or monitor medication administration based on persons served needs. Ensure that all necessary medications are available to the staff and persons served at all times. Prepare medication for destruction and route to the QIDP as necessary. Ensure that staff is available to receive cycle fill medications on the designated delivery day. Maintain accurate person served medical records in the home, by ensuring MAR and medication sheets are current and available to the Supported Living CDDs and person served by the first of each month. Maintain medications assuring adequate supplies are being maintained. Provide services in compliance with all funding sources and governing bodies (CARF, BQIS, State and Federal Law). Display patience in all situations involving persons served. Speak in an even, positive and personal tone of voice when conversing with persons served. Appropriately respond to person served behavior via verbal and/or physical intervention based on the needs of the persons served. Follow policies/procedures set forth by the Supported Living department and the agency. Assist Staff Supervisor and QIDP as necessary with staffing and monthly meetings to maintain a team atmosphere which focuses on the person served and to assist staff in understanding and following policies/procedures set forth by the division and the agency in compliance with state regulation and federal law. Assist in the planning of house meetings as necessary with the Supported Living CDDs, to update the staff on person served issues, changes or current needs of the person served. Attend and participate in monthly House Manager CDD Supported Living meetings. Accept supervision by cooperating with supervisor's directives and accepting constructive feedback from supervisor in an effort to improve job performance. Communicate concerns to appropriate supervisory staff. Strictly maintain confidentiality of all people in compliance with agency policies and HIPAA requirements. Route all receipts, cancelled checks, food stamp receipts, and bills for persons served to the FEQAA as necessary. Monitor physical condition of the person's home while ensuring a safe and sound environment. Ensure that the home of the person served maintains the cleanliness standard of the Supported Living department. Must be able to care for the physical needs of persons served including feeding, hygiene, and toileting. Must be capable of assisting in physically transferring/moving persons served when needed. Physical activities may include but not be limited to: lifting up 25-50 pounds (depending on person served); bending; reaching; stretching; grasping; visual acuity; walking; squatting, kneeling, twisting, climbing, crawling, stooping, carrying, pushing, pulling, guiding; and transporting. Provide first aid and physical assistance to the individual as needed. Use of medical adaptive equipment including, but not limited to: Wheelchair, Hoyer Lift, Shower Chairs, Blood Sugar Testing Equipment, CPAP, Oxygen, BP and any others required. Work scheduled hours as coordinated with staff supervisor. This includes the ability to work irregular shifts outside the standard agency operating hours including weekends and holiday as necessary to meet the needs of the persons served. Remain awake and available to supported client at all times during scheduled hours. Monitor performance and documentation of Supported Living Caregivers for the Developmentally Disabled. Communicate concerns to appropriate supervisor. Lead Supported Living Staff members in a fair, positive manner. Train staff as related to persons served, their home, and BQIS related standards. Complete Record of Trainings for each session. Be available to be contacted by Staff Supervisor to assist with issues related to persons served, their homes, staffing, or any other emergency issues that may arise. Complete or designate shopping responsibilities to meet FEQAA standards and the needs of persons served (groceries, household, clothing, etc). Participate in the on-call rotation with a willingness to cover any and/or all shifts with Bona Vista guidelines. Assist with scheduling and shift coverage as needed; this includes but not limited to: completing schedules for all sites the house manager oversees. Transport persons served to and from appointments and other activities as scheduled regardless of distance. Must be willing to utilize personal vehicle and agency vehicles when transporting persons served. Serve as a liaison between persons served, families, staff, professionals, and the community. Safeguard persons served and families' human and civil rights. Actively involve the persons served in community events. Respond to calls as needed as person served issues arise. Plan and participate in all special community based activities for persons served. Actively involve the person served in community events. Participate in client-related meetings, as requested. Assist with the finances of the person served by staying within the spending guidelines set forth by the FEQAA. Promote agency philosophies, generate team spirit, create and maintain an environment that fosters employee satisfaction, maximizes productivity and profitability. Must be willing to maintain open availability. Potential exposure to bodily fluids, pests, contagious pathogens, and/or bed bugs. Must be able to climb stairs on an occasional basis to access work areas. Attend/request related training as authorized or required.

High School Diploma or GED required. Previous experience working with persons with disabilities preferred. Must possess excellent communication skills both written and oral, and strong teamwork skills. Must have the ability to successfully work in both independent and group settings. Must have the ability to effectively communicate during a crisis situation. Must be capable of obtaining and maintaining certification in CPR, First Aide, and CPI and perform if necessary, and Medication Administration. Possess, and maintain a clear criminal record per Medicaid Waiver regulation requirements. Maintain a valid Indiana driver's license, insurance on personal vehicle (minimum of PLPD with Medical liability coverage), and maintain insurability as defined by the agency liability insurance carrier. Must possess and maintain reliable transportation that meets state requirements for transporting persons served. Dress appropriately as defined by department dress code.

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