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Early Head Start Substitute

Bona Vista Programs, Inc.
Job Description
To apply:

Position Responsibilities:
Assist regular staff in the implementation of a developmentally appropriate Early Head Start center based program. Assist regular staff in performance of all kitchen duties within the Early Head Start Program. Provide responsive care giving for all children in assigned group. Promote school readiness. Ensure the safety of all children in assigned group. Abide by program philosophies on parent engagement and parent participation. Actively participate in parent engagement activities. Encourage parent engagement and parent participation to include, but not be limited to, face-to-face, telephone and written contacts. Communicate daily with parents, both verbally and in writing. Cook and serve all meals per specified menu and time schedule. Prepare PM snack and AM snack for next morning, prior to leaving for the day. Maintain cleanliness of kitchen and dishes after all meals and snacks. Wash and sterilize bottles and nipples for infants. Completes required CACFP, State Board of Health and/or Early Head Start paperwork in a timely manner. Adhere to all plans, policies and procedures of Bona Vista Programs, Inc., State Board of Health regulations, CACFP guidelines and Early Head Start. Follow directions of the regular classroom or kitchen staff. Comply with regulatory health requirements, including: providing documentation of an annual physical within 30 days of hire and every two (2) years thereafter; and an annual TB test. Must be able to hold and move small children weighing 5-50 pounds.
Must be able to move and play with small children indoors and outdoors, including routine tasks such as diaper changing, feeding, laundry, and dishes. Must be able to withstand frequent standing, walking, stooping and crouching. Attend all required training.

High School Diploma / GED required. Must possess good oral and written communication skills. Must be at least 21 years of age. Two (2) years experience working within a food preparation environment. General knowledge of child development, nutrition, health and safety. Must have or be able to obtain CPR certification annually and First Aid certification every three years.

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