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Maintenance Technician Sub

Bona Vista Programs, Inc.
Job Description
Provide maintenance services for agency properties, enabling programming to occur in a safe, attractive, functioning environment in compliance with OSHA & CARF standards. Perform internal/external repair and maintenance of agency properties including but not limited to: general repair, plumbing, carpentry, and minor electrical work. May be required to assist in obtaining outside contractors for major items. Assist in maintaining security, fire alarm, sprinkler, and telephone systems. May be required to assist with inspections for compliance with state regulations. Assist in performing and maintaining record keeping for fire and tornado drills, and annual fire extinguisher inspection. Cooperate with fellow maintenance staff or other agency staff on joint projects. Maintain and promote a positive, team-oriented atmosphere when working with all agency staff. Acquire and maintain departmental equipment, including agency vehicles. Make recommendations for a safe environment for all staff and consumers. Must be able to do such physical acts as climb a ladder to complete repairs or access areas, move office desk or file cabinet with assistance using a dolly. Must be capable of moving up to 50 pounds without assistance. Frequent lifting, bending, reaching, pushing, pulling required. Must be capable of operating normal and customary equipment utilized in a maintenance department including but not limited to: screw drivers, hammers, routers, sanders drill, drill press, table saw, snow shovel/blower, test equipment, etc. Perform other duties as assigned by immediate supervisor. Responds to calls as requested from Lead Maintenance Technician or Director of Maintenance for issues that could arise after hours or on weekends. Attend/request related training as authorized. Travel from site to site to perform repairs and purchase supplies.
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