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Janitorial Site Supervisor

Bona Vista Programs, Inc.
Job Description

Responsible for directing the overall janitorial services for assigned job site(s) and supervising janitorial staff at each assigned location to ensure customer satisfaction. Supervise janitorial staff at assigned locations and train staff on required job duties. Coordinate janitorial tasks for assigned staff at each building to ensure customer satisfaction. Maintain accurate written records of employee attendance and job performance. Monitor and address employee needs and concerns. Conduct building inspections and notify Janitorial Coordinator of unacceptable job performance. Operate normal and customary equipment utilized in a janitorial department including floor buffer, carpet cleaner, scrubber, sweeper, etc. Perform such physical acts as climb a ladder to clean or dust out of reach objects, mop floors, use a vacuum, wash walls, etc. May be required to: grasp, bend, pull, push, lift, squat, walk, reach, twist, move furniture and equipment weighing up to 25-50 pounds. Perform tasks that include but not limited to painting, floor and carpet cleaning, and light maintenance. Identify when supply stock is in need of replenishment and promptly communicate needs with appropriate supervisor/coordinator. Identify when equipment malfunctions occur and promptly communicate needs with appropriate supervisor/coordinator. Ability to resolve conflicts and handle confrontation; inform Janitorial Coordinator of resolutions. Maintain flexible hours to accommodate job demands such as employee call offs, unexpected or unscheduled work. Perform other janitorial-related duties as assigned by immediate supervisor. Communicate with Janitorial Coordinator on all issues that arise on the job site. Must possess excellent communication skills to approach vendors with information and/or questions. Identify and communicate recommendations for a safe environment for staff while on off-site properties. Attend meetings and training as requested. Promote team environment and commit to continuous improvement.

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